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Being a Mother Who Tries: Notes on Mother’s Day 2024

Dear mothers, perfection cannot be the goal because perfection is impossible. I’ve said that before, and I’ll always take the opportunity to repeat myself because I believe it’s too easy to believe otherwise—especially for mothers.

End Blame Culture: 2 Reminders to Help You Stop Playing the Blame Game

Casting blame on other people can be a sign you’ve made them an idol in your life. An idol is defined as “an object of extreme devotion” and “a false god.” People and situations can become idols if you attribute the cause of your situations and feelings to them. Of course, we do not live in a victimless world. But unfortunately, to find comfort in blame is to surrender your own control and the very possible future of overcoming.

Reflections on Motherhood in Women’s History Month

Understand that motherhood is an adventure. It’s a journey, and no advice for new parents could articulate every part of it. Even if you’re not a parent, think about your own mother or any parent you’ve met in your life. As you consider the expectations of a mother and just a fraction of the challenges she may encounter, you can find some drops of wisdom to apply to your own life. Some answer the calling of motherhood equipped, informed, educated, or skillful. Some come unprepared. Either way, grace should not be withheld from anyone.

Why Blaming Others Is a Trap

Blaming other people is not going to place you where you want to be. Ladies, when we point an accusing finger, it is rarely at the reflection in the mirror. Let’s remove the veil and gain insight on the topic of blame. Blame is something that can so easily gain a prominent place in our lives, and if we aren’t careful, not only could it replace the beauty but also prevent the miraculous.

The Freedom in Forgiveness

We must ask ourselves why it’s hard to love. Why are we mean? I don’t know about you, but I don’t come to you today with a perspective constructed from a perfect life. I’ve made mistakes and felt the results of my shortcomings. But you know what? I choose to focus on the fact that I have been forgiven.

3 Reasons Why You Should Let Go

What—or who—are you holding onto today? Of course, you want to remember breakthroughs, manifestations, and the miraculous; there is hope found in memorializing the good and those associated with it. However, we often create memorials and landmarks for the bad that’s happened to us, and this is extremely dangerous

Reorganizing Your Life: Making Room for What Matters (Part 2)

If you’ve ever been a diet, you know simply skipping dessert is not enough to see a change reflected on the scale. By the same token, you can end a toxic relationship, but if your thinking is the same, what’s to stop you from entering a similar situation with a different person? Last month, we discussed letting go of “normal” in order to embrace discomfort and simple living, but I want to challenge you further.

Declutter Your Life: Making Room for What Matters

Women of God, it is time to let go of all the trouble you carry. You are not baggage claim! Oftentimes, we hold on to past expectations, past hurt, or past mindsets because we desire something that is no longer available to us. This is harmful, even if you believe you’re an expert at concealing your emotional baggage. Refusing to make room for what matters so as to declutter your life prevents the miraculous from occurring

New Day, New Hope (Part 2)

Hey sisters and girlfriends! Let’s have a heart-to-heart about embracing equality and empowerment in our world today. We were all created equal, regardless of gender, and it’s time for us to rise up together and lead the way. This new day is filled with hope and restoration, so let’s dive deeper into it. Today, we’re going to focus on leadership, personal responsibility, and the freedom we find in God’s grace.

Mystery of the Kingdom of God

During Jesus’ earthly ministry.

Choosing Systems

Some Believers serve God’s system.

Concepts of the Kingdom of God

There are two kingdoms.

Possessing a Kingdom Mindset

We take the initiative.

God’s Original Intent

God wanted Adam and Eve.

The Prevailing Word

Throughout the Bible.

Radical Faith

Now, more than ever.

A Radical Life Change

We can all live a radically changed.

Winning Over Temptation

As Christians, our challenge.