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The Blessings of Fruitfulness

You were born to reproduce and be fruitful! I’m not talking about giving birth to multiple children, not that type of fruitfulness; I’m talking about being productive and flourishing in every aspect of your life—physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and relationally. Think about King Midas—anything he touched turned to gold—well, that same type of power is inside you! You have the power to bring life and produce an abundance of goodness wherever you go. 

Imagine Again

Take a minute and close your eyes. What do you envision for your life? What do you expect your life to look like one, five, or even ten years from now?

Life Reimagined

If you ask accomplished people about their secret to success, you will hear a common phrase: healthy habits. Just like an athlete must maintain daily workouts to push her toward her goals, you must develop daily habits to help you become successful.

Overcoming Uncertainty

We have everything we need within us to win in this life. That includes the confidence to step out in faith even when the future looks uncertain. Do you truly believe that? Once we believe that, the next question is whether we will utilize our courage to get out of our situation and move forward toward our goals.

Build Yourself an Ark (Part 2)

Priorities are foundational for God to build things in our lives—His agenda is first and foremost. We must not get distracted from our priorities and allow our lives to be out of sync. If you’re interested in what it takes to build your own “ark” with God like Noah did, here are some tangible steps.

Get Out of the Boat

Many big ideas, visions, and dreams are buried in cemeteries because of inaction and the fear of failure. Sometimes before taking that first step, we must resolve to get out of the comfort zone of doing what we’ve always done, being where we’ve always been, thinking as we’ve always thought, feeling like we’ve always felt. It’s a new day, and it’s time for us to stop playing it safe.

Building with the Right Tools Part 2

The story of Noah is a great reminder that God has equipped us with the right tools to get the job done. He has freely given all of us a toolkit full of promises that we can count on for anything we face, including healing, provision, success, and peace. 

What’s Going On in Your Inside World?

What if I told you that your inside world matters if you want to live your best life? Did you know that you can deal with just about anything when you are your authentic self, living from the inside out?

The God Reality (Part 2)

We can experience the reality of God’s Word once we understand that we’re not a part of this world. It’s time for us to be established in His plan for our lives.

Mystery of the Kingdom of God

During Jesus’ earthly ministry.

Choosing Systems

Some Believers serve God’s system.

Concepts of the Kingdom of God

There are two kingdoms.

Possessing a Kingdom Mindset

We take the initiative.

God’s Original Intent

God wanted Adam and Eve.

The Prevailing Word

Throughout the Bible.

Radical Faith

Now, more than ever.

A Radical Life Change

We can all live a radically changed.

Winning Over Temptation

As Christians, our challenge.