God’s Original Intent




God originally wanted Adam and Eve to flourish in the Garden of Eden. However, Satan invaded their peaceful environment in the garden and derailed that plan. Jesus came to restore God’s original intent for mankind. Therefore, when we put God’s kingdom first in our lives, His presence causes us to prosper.

  1. God blessed mankind by speaking words of blessing over Adam and Eve; they were destined to reproduce and be productive in the garden (Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 2:8, 15).
    1. Adam had the responsibility of cultivating the garden and keeping out all intruders.
      1. God blessed Adam and Eve and gave them dominion over the earth; this was God’s plan for mankind.
    2. However, Satan came and derailed the plan (Genesis 3:1).
      1. Just as Satan came to destroy Adam and Eve’s prosperity, he still comes to destroy our prosperity today.
      2. However, Jesus came to the earth to restore what Satan stole. Through Him, we have victory over Satan.
      3. God has a specific plan for each of us. We must pray about those assignments in order to carry them out.
    3. We must become kingdom-focused instead of self-focused.
  1. When Jesus came to the earth, He preached about the kingdom of God being available to us (Matthew 3:2, Matthew 4:17)
    1. He wants us to change our thinking from that of a democratic perspective to a kingdom-of-God perspective.
      1. The kingdom of God is God’s domain, in which laws are executed according to His will.
    2. Therefore, we must seek first the kingdom of God, with the confidence that He will supply our needs (Matthew 6:25-33).
      1. To “seek” in this context means to desire something and to understand it.
  1. The Lord was with Joseph, and he prospered as a result. God’s blessing could be seen in Joseph’s life (Genesis 39:1-23).
    1. Joseph served in the house of an Egyptian officer named Potiphar.
      1. God gave Joseph unusual wisdom. Joseph used the wisdom he had to manage Potiphar’s household.
      2. Joseph was promoted as a result.
    2. God uses servants to restore His intent in the earth.
      1. Joseph served ungodly men. Through Joseph, God established a territory within their domain.
      2. When we find ourselves in an environment in which we are serving ungodly people, we are establishing His territory.
      3. We will always influence people around us, whether we recognize it or not.
    3. Joseph was eventually promoted to the highest governing position in Egypt, the second in command, next to Pharaoh (Genesis 41:55-57).
      1. Because of the wisdom God gave to Joseph, Pharaoh (and surrounding countries) depended on Joseph’s wisdom during a severe famine.
      2. God’s presence should be seen in our lives. We must be focused on God’s kingdom, and He will ultimately promote us in due season.

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