The Prevailing Word




Throughout the Bible, there are examples of people who were persistent in their faith. In challenging times, it may seem as if our faith is not working. Many times, we are tempted to give up on the Word we have planted in our hearts. However, if we remain steadfast concerning the Word of God, we will experience victory.

  1. The Word of God is a seed that we plant within us. It grows as we cultivate it (Acts 19:20, AMP ).
    1. We can conquer every spiritual attack against us if we allow God’s Word to grow in our hearts and minds.
    2. God is calling us to spiritual battle to defeat our enemies in these last days.
      1. We do not have to be afraid because He will teach us how to win in battle (Psalm 144:1).
      2. Jesus has deprived the world of its power to defeat or harm us (John 16:33, AMP).
      3. Satan tries to defeat us by using our past mistakes, stress, pressure from trials, and negative thoughts against us.
      4. However, when we begin to speak the Word of God, we begin to triumph over the enemy.
      5. It does not matter how big the problem is, God is bigger than any problem we could ever face.
    3. The word prevail means “to win out or override.”
      1. Through our faith in the Word of God, we have the ability to prevail over trouble.
  1. The Bible gives an example of a mother who prevailed during an extremely challenging situation (Matthew 15:21-28, AMP ).
    1. She was a Canaanite woman, whose daughter was possessed by an evil spirit.
      1. The woman came to Jesus, crying and begging Him to cast the demon out of her daughter.
      2. Jesus did not answer her at first.
      3. What is your attitude toward God when He doesn’t respond right away? Do you become persistent in faith? Do you pass the test?
      4. Although it appeared that Jesus was ignoring and insulting her, the woman remained persistent in her faith.
      5. Maintaining her stance through faith and prayer, she kneeled down to worship Jesus, and He healed her daughter instantly.
  1. In order for God’s Word to prevail in our lives, we must understand the following:
    1. God has an answer for every problem we face; we can receive the answers we need in His presence.
    2. We must understand the importance of worship. It is a mighty weapon in spiritual warfare.
    3. We must know the importance of prayer, and how to persist in faith.
      1. We must pray, knowing God’s promises concerning our children (Isaiah 54:13, 14).
    4. We must speak faith in challenging situations when negative thoughts harass us.
      1. We must guard ourselves against doubt and unbelief.
      2. We must keep speaking the Word, operating in love, and refusing to allow our feelings to rule our lives.

Scripture References

Acts 19:20, AMP

Matthew 15:21-28, AMP

Psalm 144:1

Isaiah 54:13, 14

John 16:33, AMP


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