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Build Yourself an Ark (Part 2)

Priorities are foundational for God to build things in our lives—His agenda is first and foremost. We must not get distracted from our priorities and allow our lives to be out of sync. If you’re interested in what it takes to build your own “ark” with God like Noah did, here are some tangible steps.

Get Out of the Boat

Many big ideas, visions, and dreams are buried in cemeteries because of inaction and the fear of failure. Sometimes before taking that first step, we must resolve to get out of the comfort zone of doing what we’ve always done, being where we’ve always been, thinking as we’ve always thought, feeling like we’ve always felt. It’s a new day, and it’s time for us to stop playing it safe.

Building with the Right Tools Part 2

The story of Noah is a great reminder that God has equipped us with the right tools to get the job done. He has freely given all of us a toolkit full of promises that we can count on for anything we face, including healing, provision, success, and peace. 

What’s Going On in Your Inside World?

What if I told you that your inside world matters if you want to live your best life? Did you know that you can deal with just about anything when you are your authentic self, living from the inside out?

The God Reality (Part 2)

We can experience the reality of God’s Word once we understand that we’re not a part of this world. It’s time for us to be established in His plan for our lives.

Seeing God’s Will

Do you know God’s will for your life and circumstances? I believe Christians are all in pursuit of God’s will for our lives. I don’t think it happens haphazardly. It’s not something that applies just to those in ministry; it’s for each of us to understand that God has a plan for our lives that He wants us to discover.

God of the Mountain and the Valley (Part 2)

We have to remember and remind ourselves that God is with us all the time. He is the same as He was yesterday and the same as He always will be; He is present with us right now. Life is a sum of ups, downs, highs, and lows.

Racial Equality

The word equality is a powerful, loaded concept. The phrase “racial equality” may be an oxymoron for some, but I believe that Christians are all one in Christ. Men and women, Jews and Gentiles, rich and poor, all stand on equal ground because of what Jesus accomplished for us.

God’s System of Promotion

Eyes haven’t seen and ears haven’t heard what God wants to do in your life! It’s a matter of receiving what He’s already prepared for you that is beyond human eyes and ears. For many, there are things that have never happened in your family during your lifetime—but God says it’s time for promotion.

Mystery of the Kingdom of God

During Jesus’ earthly ministry.

Choosing Systems

Some Believers serve God’s system.

Concepts of the Kingdom of God

There are two kingdoms.

Possessing a Kingdom Mindset

We take the initiative.

God’s Original Intent

God wanted Adam and Eve.

The Prevailing Word

Throughout the Bible.

Radical Faith

Now, more than ever.

A Radical Life Change

We can all live a radically changed.

Winning Over Temptation

As Christians, our challenge.