Overcoming Self-Centeredness




The art of being a Christian is learning how to live in this world without conforming to its standards. People who live according to society’s standards focus all of their time, energy, and resources on themselves. However, as Believers, our goal should be to overcome self-centeredness by renewing our minds with the Word of God.

  1. As the end of the age approaches, people will become more and more self-absorbed. Their actions and attitude toward others will reveal their selfish motives (2 Timothy 3:1-5, The Message Translation ).
    1. Do not be deceived by self-absorbed people. Do not tie yourself with them.
    2. To be self-absorbed means to be occupied or filled with selfish affairs, while ignoring others.
      1. Obsession with self leads to a dead end. Focusing our attention on God leads to a spacious and free life (Romans 8:5, The Message Translation).
      2. We must not think of ourselves more than we think of God.
    3. An abundant life is a life that overflows with blessings, and spreads goodness into the lives of others (John 10:10).
      1. Ask yourself, “How much of an impact do I have on others?”
  1. When God made man, He decided it was not good for him to be alone. So he created a helper suitable for him (Genesis 2:18, The Message Translation ).
    1. Eve was designed to be Adam’s helper; she would help him develop out of his self-centeredness.
      1. However, the enemy lured Eve outside of her original purpose, causing her to hurt Adam instead of helping him (Genesis 3:2-6, The Message Translation).
      2. Adam, who was left in charge of the Garden, did not take charge of it. He disobeyed God, with Eve, eating the forbidden fruit.
      3. Sometimes the enemy can use our desires and cravings to lure us away from the will of God for our lives.
  1. Women were designed to be helpers, just as the Holy Spirit was sent to be our Helper. Many characteristics of a woman’s nature coincide with those of the Holy Spirit. Here are several of those characteristics (John 14:16, AMP ) :
    1. Companion. The Holy Spirit will be with us to commune with us.
      1. The deepest need of a man is for his wife to be his companion.
    2. Comforter. The Holy Spirit comforts us. Likewise, our words should be as gentle and comforting as those of the Holy Spirit, when He speaks to us.
    3. Counselor. A Holy Spirit-type woman should be a woman of prayer and wisdom.
      1. It is vital that we read and study the Bible so we will be equipped to give good advice.
      2. Eve was led by her emotions instead of godly wisdom.
    4. Corrector. The Holy Spirit brings all things to our remembrance, but He doesn’t nag us.
      1. He speaks in a still, small voice when we are doing something wrong. He gently nudges us with correction. Similarly, women have a God-given ability to convict in the same manner, without nagging.
    5. Connector. The ministry of the Holy Spirit connects. As women, we naturally connect with our environment, loved ones, and those around us.
  1. A self-centered mentality causes us to be unhappy, and leads us outside of the will of God for our lives.
    1. It is wise to pray about our goals, ambitions, and desires to be sure they do not lead us away from God’s plan for our lives.
      1. If our first concern is to look out for ourselves, we will never find ourselves. But if we forget about ourselves and look to Jesus, we will find Him and ourselves (Matthew 10:39, The Message Translation).
    2. All Christians are called to the ministry of helps. As the Body of Christ, we are fashioned into a plan to help one another by using our God-given gifts and abilities.
      1. It is within God’s plan that we find His specific will for our lives.
      2. When we fail to recognize our purpose, we can easily be lead astray by the enemy.
  1. We must deal with self-centeredness daily. Here are ways we can overcome it:
    1. Every day, we should make it a priority to change our thinking to agree with God’s thinking.
      1. We can change our thinking by learning scriptures that deals with the issues we face daily.
      2. Be equipped with a dictionary, concordance, and other tools to help you understand the meaning of the scriptures you need. Become a student of the Word.
    2. We should also have the proper inner attitude concerning ourselves and our positions in life.
      1. In other words, we will see ourselves the way God sees us, and refuse to lift ourselves up in pride (Luke 12:16-28, The Message Translation).

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