What is Real Freedom?

Have you ever wondered what it means to live in real freedom? If there are areas in our lives where we have no peace, it’s likely that we don’t have freedom in those areas and are in bondage. There are so many people in the world who are worried about what people think of them. Many are so afraid to step out and do anything because they think “I am less than,” “I am inferior,” or “I am inadequate.” The enemy of our souls has designed and manipulated circumstances to make us feel insignificant and as if we have no value. However, we must decide to ignore feelings of self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-rejection. I think about the lives of those whom I have an opportunity to influence and use that as my motivation to resist the spirit of fear; I refuse to allow the enemy to taunt, torment, or harass my life so that I can walk in freedom. If I can do it, you can too!

Growing up, my family was the first to integrate an all-white neighborhood and unfortunately we didn’t get the most inviting reception from our neighbors. Instead, we received a bunch of eggs and “N” word slurs hurled at our door. This didn’t feel good and caused me to ask questions such as: Am I inferior? Is my skin color the wrong color? Am I not deserving of a good education? I recognized as a child that there is no freedom in being judged based on age, color, or class. I am thankful that, through Christ, I no longer see myself limited to things that other people place on me due to the color of my skin, my gender, or any other characteristic I possess.

Real freedom is being willing to stand strong and tell fear, “No, you will not take authority over me!” Let’s always be mindful to rid ourselves of the spirit of fear and become free, because our level of freedom sows seeds that sprout future generations. We want our children’s children, and their children, to walk in the same freedom that we desire. God wants our minds renewed so we can be living epistles that display His goodness and blessings in our lives. But how do we maintain that freedom?

One way is to manage what we do in our private lives. So, let’s be honest…what are you doing in your private life? Your answer here is going to determine the level of freedom or bondage you experience. If you privately stew on self-hatred, doubt, and rejection, or your inadequacies, insecurities, and inferiorities—guess what? Those fears are going to manifest in your public life through the words that come out of your mouth and how you treat other people. We must fight to win those private battles because new measures of freedom accompany each victory.

God gives us the choice to be free or in bondage, but real freedom begins the moment that we recognize and acknowledge that we are sinners and need Christ to be born again. Our lives can only go so far by our own merit; once we involve God in our everyday choices and decisions, His supernatural presence causes us to live triumphantly in freedom. Our freedom journey not only benefits our lives, but the well-being of our family, friends, and others in our sphere of influence. They’re impacted when they are able to see us victorious. Let’s walk in our destinies and fulfill the purpose He’s placed in each of us so that His will is done in our lives. We can operate at our maximum capacity when we trust His guidance to conquer bondage in every area of our lives—that’s what real freedom is all about!

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