The Power of Flexibility

As a believer, it’s vital to understand the importance of being flexible concerning God’s will for your life. You don’t want to live your whole life and realize that you were never in His will and never finished or fulfilled His purpose. To fulfill the will of God for your life, you must intentionally choose to be a living sacrifice, and that is not something that’s going to happen accidentally. You must make up in your mind that you’re going to align with God’s will, which requires renewing your mind.

The acceptable will of God for your life won’t become fulfilled on its own. Rid yourself of the old mindset of “I can’t,” “I’m just a sinner,” or “I don’t believe that God loves me.” We have to change our thinking and undergo a transition in which old thoughts become replaced with new ones, similar to taking a soiled diaper off of a baby. You don’t just put powder on top of the old and go out, pretending that everything is fresh and new. No, you must remove the dirty diaper, clean the baby, and replace the old diaper with a new one. That’s the visual for renewing our minds; we’re changing, replacing, and getting the thoughts that God has toward us on the inside. Ultimately, we’re taking an alternate course of direction.

Finding and fulfilling God’s will for our life requires us to be willing to change our innermost thoughts. I know how challenging it can be; yet, by the assistance of the Holy Spirit, we can take baby steps. Then, God will get involved and our lives will look different. We’ll wonder why and how we got so far down the road, but you know what? It began with us deciding to go into transition, to go into transformation, and allow our lives to undergo the process of change. That’s how we can experience the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

There is an alternative. You can be in the permissive will of God. It’s not His ideal for your life, but He allows any decision you make because He gives you free will. However, the best results come out of being flexible enough to be intentional about God’s will for your life. That’s how we can experience the specific, individual purpose and destiny that He has for us. I believe that God is constantly speaking to us and giving details, just like He did with Noah. God gave Noah specific details and instructions for putting the ark together—the size, the material, etc., and He will provide you with specifics, as well. It may require some change to get rid of old religious, traditional mindsets. He’ll take two steps if we take one, but we may miss out on significant opportunities if we don’t respond and ignore His instructions.

When you follow the will of God for your life, it’s not for God’s advantage—it’s for yours! You’re doing yourself a favor by knowing what the will of the Lord is for your life. The will of God is constantly evolving. You’re not going to know the whole picture from A to Z; it’s the process of piecing together that requires us to be agile and flexible. God’s plans are to prosper you!

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