The God Reality (Part 2)

We can experience the reality of God’s Word once we understand that we’re not a part of this world. It’s time for us to be established in His plan for our lives. So many things jockey for our attention and distract us from our devotion time. We sometimes focus on what we’re gonna eat, what we’re gonna wear, what we’re gonna do throughout the day, but God wants us to shift our attention over to His reality. If God can take care of the wild birds of the field, He will do His absolute best for you!

            God is trying to get us to relax and unbusy ourselves so that we don’t get preoccupied with things that aren’t really important. When we immerse ourselves in God’s reality, we don’t miss out on anything; He handles everything we need in life—that’s His standard operating procedure. Adam and Eve experienced the God-reality every day until their fall. They fellowshipped with Him and had every need met. That changed when they encountered Satan, who is the father of all lies and can manipulate us when we become preoccupied with the ways of the world. We must begin to shift our reality over to what God’s Word says and get to know what God’s plan is for our individual lives.

            I remember when I went to my first job after finishing college and getting married. I was a new wife and shortly became a new mom who didn’t quite understand the reality of living for God. I wanted to increase my salary and apply for a new job with a new company with many excellent benefits. When I told my boss my plan to interview, I was told that I would lose my job because I couldn’t take time off to go to the interview. Relying on God, I asked if it was better to take the risk of interviewing and lose the current job or step out on faith to apply for the job I wanted and needed, knowing that I was not happy where I was. I chose to go to the interview; low and behold, I ended up getting a new job! Here is where I started to understand what it meant to experience the reality of God and the fact that He would increase you. I understood at that moment that He was concerned about my life, including my employment, my relationships, and every other area of living. I realized that God wanted me to be an influence for Him on the job and spread His presence. However, it could have been easy to yield to fear and not pursue the new position.

The kingdom of light works in faith, confidence, and assurance. The kingdom of this world operates on fear, deception, and darkness. If we choose to operate in fear, we open ourselves up to lack, insufficiency, poverty, and living under the curse. Many things go along with the curse: addictions, bondages, bad habits, even premature death. We can operate in one of two systems: the blessing or the curse, and we can’t mix systems. We can’t mix fear and faith, the blessing and the curse, or grace and law. We must choose the reality that we want to experience and steep ourselves in God’s truth.

When I took that job, I wanted to experience the reality of God’s blessing in my life. I genuinely wanted to get out of the boat like Peter and step out on the water in faith. I wanted to see what God could do in my life. He did this for me back then and many more times along the way, so I ask you to trust Him with your life, too. He has a plan for you that may require you to just step out and dare to trust Him with God-sized faith.

It’s time for you to see His reality like never before and not get preoccupied with the world’s mindset of how to live, how to raise your family, how to parent your children, how to govern your finances, how to take care of your body, etc. Trust me my friend, God’s reality living in you is the best recipe for a healthy and whole life every day.

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