The Blessings of Fruitfulness

You were born to reproduce and be fruitful! I’m not talking about giving birth to multiple children, not that type of fruitfulness; I’m talking about being productive and flourishing in every aspect of your life—physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and relationally. Think about King Midas—anything he touched turned to gold—well, that same type of power is inside you! You have the power to bring life and produce an abundance of goodness wherever you go.

When you look around and examine your world, what do you see? Are your daily goals and activities life-giving and yielding growth? If your answer is “no” or “maybe,” I want you to ask yourself why. Are you speaking life to yourself and those around you, or are your words filled with negativity? Are you using the abilities God gave you to the best of your ability, or are you sitting on them? If you can see the fruitfulness around you, I challenge you to allow God to produce more fruit through you.

The word “fruitful” means to make fruit, branch off, flourish, increase, grow, be productive, and bring forth. Understanding this concept is important because we can only be the most fruitful when we remain connected to the Vine, which is Jesus. Being fruitful was the first command that God gave to Adam and Eve in the garden—it’s in your DNA to produce. If you continue cultivating your relationship with Christ by spending time in the Word of God and allowing it to change you, there is no reason not to expect to see fruitfulness in your life.

Fruitfulness includes time for planting seeds and time for reaping a harvest. The farmer must consistently care for her plants to ensure a good harvest. There is a period when it doesn’t seem as though her efforts in planting seeds will produce anything, but as she continues to water, weed, and care for those plants, she begins to see the literal “fruit” of her labor. The same is true in your life—your consistency in speaking positively, reminding yourself what God has promised you in His Word, utilizing your gifts and abilities, and exercising your faith will allow you to reap a harvest in time.

Fruitfulness is not just for you. As you begin to flourish and grow, the blessings of increase you experience will extend to others—your family, friends, co-workers, employees, and beyond. God blesses us because He loves us; that love empowers us to carry out His purposes on the earth. People are waiting for you to enter a place of abundance and receive the overflow of your blessings so they can grow to their next level. Are you going to disappoint them? I hope not!

No matter what has happened in your life or what stage of your life you find yourself in, expect and cultivate fruitfulness. Your relationship with Christ attaches you to Him and causes abundant growth in your life. Your job is to release your faith and believe you will see it. That faith will cause things to happen as you remain intact and attached to the Vine.

My prayer for you today is that you fully embrace the truth that God has blessed you to be fruitful. It doesn’t matter how people see you or if they try to strategize against you; understand that you are blessed and your blessings will outrun, outlast, and outdo any person or circumstance in your life. You were born to be fruitful—it’s in your DNA. It comes naturally to you; you just have to believe it.

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