Thank You Worth Vendors


For the past year, the Radical Women’s Ministry worked on creating an experience to allow women to encounter the truth about their value and worth in God. We prayed, planned, and prepared to work with each of our sponsors and vendors to deliver a life-changing experience for our attendees. 

In light of the bans on public gatherings and in an effort to protect all of our attendees, we made this year’s experience virtual. Our sponsors and vendors were not able to communicate directly with our conference attendees, but we want to give them a special shout out here! 

These businesses helped make the Worth Conference possible and we want people to take the opportunity to shop their products and services.

Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. (

At Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc., our goal is to empower women to be beautiful everyday by enhancing your beauty through our skin care and cosmetics. Mary Kay Ash founded this company to give women an opportunity to own their own businesses and to continue the legacy of empowering women everywhere founded on the principles of God first, Family, Second and Career third. If you would like more information on how to care for your skin or would like to have a pampering experience, shop with Mary Kay Consultant Chelle Lamb online at

SheWinz- (


Hosea 4:6 (NLT) says, “My people are destroyed because they do not know me.”  SheWinz is on a mission to change that through empowerment gear and victory resources.  In my prayer time, God said, “Teach my daughters who I am,” and that is what we are all about.  Out of the brokenness, out of the destruction, God has given us beauty for ashes.  He is showing us that we are beautiful, that we are loved, and that we were created with a purpose.  I want each one of you to walk with a boldness and a tenacity that says, “I am a daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD and only His best is acceptable in my life!”

Kingdom Connection Christian Boutique (


Kingdom Connection Christian Boutique [J1] is where God receives the glory!  It’s time to step out of the history that’s been holding you back from the promises of God in your life. And now it’s time to step into a new life that was planned for you by our Heavenly Father. Kingdom Connection Christian Boutique is here to help you to create an atmosphere for what already belongs to you. The goal is to assist you in the spiritual growth of believers and help you to reach your full potential in Christ. Let us help you to create new things and change old things. 

Massage Therapeutics, Inc. ([email protected])


Celebration Cup (


The Celebration Cup is the original prefilled Communion element. It contains both juice and an unleavened wafer. The Celebration cup is excellent for the Sanctuary and also for Personal or Family Worship in-home or at work. Safe & Hygienic, 12 Month Shelf Life, No Refrigeration Needed, Fits into Standard  Communion Trays.


A Reflection of Me, Inc. (



Welcome to our Melanin Marketplace.
We specialize in glow ups, self care & melanin decor for women of color.
We want to make home (inside & out) a comfortable place.
 Enjoy our marketplace!

Feed Her Co. (


FeedHerCo is a stationary company that offers dope resources to help you feed your spirit! With prompted scripture journals, notebooks and pens your new journey to trusting God is sure to be unforgettable!



 It’s All About You Enterprises ([email protected])


Atlanta Fibroid Center (



John C. Lipman, MD, FSIR is the Founder/Medical Director of Atlanta Fibroid Center, and has been Atlanta’s authority on the Non-Surgical UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization) treatment for over 25 years. Dr. Lipman has focused his career on educating women and medical colleagues about this innovative Interventional Radiology procedure, which spares women from facing major fibroid surgery (Hysterectomy or Myomectomy). The UFE procedure is performed on an outpatient basis at Atlanta Fibroid Center, and is covered by all major insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid. Patients recuperate in the comfort of their own home, usually a 3-5 day recovery period and a suggested one-week away from work. Patients must be aware this option exists, which is why Atlanta Fibroid Center is all about education and providing this important option to women who are facing a dilemma regarding fibroid surgery. To learn more about this important “One and Done” fibroid solution, please visit our website at

New Beginning K.I.D.S. (



We specialize in creating custom backpacks with historic legendary famous African Americans who shares the same birth month as your child. Our goal here is to help change the prospective of our children’s future by associating their past to their future. By purchasing NBK products our kids can now identify to a famous African American that resembles them and they can appreciate the history of their culture. Immediately, this will help build our kids confident level.

Pressure Shoetique (



Pressure Shoetique is a fresh, trendy and high quality women’s online shoe store, offering unique footwear that won’t break the bank. We are currently adding new styles weekly so please support our brand as we rise to the top.  #ApplyPressure  

We refuse to let circumstances hold us back from the mutually-beneficial partnerships we’ve established. 

Thank you, Worth Sponsors, for all that you do.

Let’s keep moving forward, and hope to see you all at Spark Conference 20201

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