Safety in Dangerous Times Part 2

We can be safe in the midst of the most dangerous situations when we understand that God’s covenant with us includes safety and protection. It’s part of His plan of salvation. In faith, God wants us to begin to believe His Word, to believe His promises, and to understand that He is the foundation for securing our lives. However, when our faith is shaky, we tend to contain Him in small areas or put God in a box and say, “Okay, God, I’m gonna let You out only on Sunday for an hour. Once I leave church or once I turn the stream off, I’m going back to my own thing. I’m just gonna do whatever I want to do, think however I want to think, and follow my feelings however I want to feel. It’s all about whatever it is that I believe.”

The response to that is: no. We must activate our faith so that we can be the beneficiary of God’s protection; this involves inviting Him into our daily experience. We have to understand that we will experience His intervention and protection in our everyday affairs only to the degree that we allow Him entrance. I don’t know about you, but I have learned to welcome and invite God in every day. I say, “Come on in, God. Get involved in every area of my life. I need you to get involved in my marriage; get involved in how I parent my children; get involved in my financial affairs and how I spend my money; get involved in my emotions; get involved in my health; and get involved in my body and my desires.” He honors my request and provides wisdom, safety, and protection in all of the areas that I have surrendered to Him.

I’m a big fan of the cartoon, Peanuts. I remember one of the characters named Linus who would oftentimes be seen with his thumb in his mouth while dragging a security blanket around everywhere he went. Guess what? God wants to be, in a sense, your security blanket—you don’t leave home without Him! He desires to be with you everywhere you go. You may be in dangerous situations or living in an area that doesn’t feel secure, but I’m telling you the safest place in the whole wide world is in the will of God. That’s where you have His protection and covering. He has thoughts to prosper you today, to go beyond a pandemic, a financial crisis, or any pandemonium. I meet Christians sometimes that wonder why things aren’t happening in their lives as they want them to, but it’s all about how much time is being put into an authentic, personal relationship with God. In our natural relationships, we can’t get to know people that we don’t spend time with; it works the same way with God. If we give Him no quantity time, how can we expect there to be a manifestation of quality in our lives?

God freely gives us an inheritance that has our names reserved on it in heaven. All we have to do to tap into it is simply pull it down and allow it to be manifested in our everyday affairs. That’s right, we can begin to experience heaven on earth because we are heirs of an inheritance that protects our lives and delivers us from danger. We are the redeemed of the Lord and can have what we declare. Today, remind yourself that you are redeemed from the hand of the enemy! You are delivered, protected, and safe from danger and destruction—the Bible tells us so.

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