Relationship Reimagined

Reimagination is a buzz word that means “to reinterpret” or “to imaginatively rethink.” We’ve experienced the result of reimagination since last year: schools moved to virtual learning, restaurant dining moved to curbside delivery, and masks became part of our wardrobes. We have even reimagined doctor visits as telehealth appointments, church attendance as online streams, and jobs as virtual professions. Perhaps some of you are reading this “at work” right now from your desk at home. We’ve mastered reimagining virtually every area of our lives, but what about our relationship with God? It is so important for us to seek new experiences with God in our day-to-day activities because He wants to “do life” with us at work, at home, and in our relationships—life reimagined. A relationship with Him reimagined.

Our mind, our will, and our emotions must be renewed, refreshed, and restored daily for us to experience this transformed, reimagined relationship with God. But first, let’s talk about soul fatigue, which happens when your brain is bombarded, and you feel lost, numb, or overwhelmed dealing with constant stressors and unrelenting pressures. As believers, we can have victory over fatigue by seeing our relationship with God in a fresh way and developing a hunger and a thirst for an intimate, close, personal relationship with Him. He wants you to want to spend time with Him. He wants you to expect delight, joy, and excitement with new energy like never before, not just a mechanical routine, when you read His Word. We must arrest the soul fatigue that’s taking place in our lives.

The enemy is always plotting and planning, but we can’t give any attention to the enemies, the haters, the plots, or the plans. Having a strong spirit helps us arrest soul fatigue, causing us to overcome attacks, financial problems, relational difficulties, setbacks, emotional challenges—everything that the enemy throws our way. We can build a barrier, a force field, or a wall of protection around ourselves so that, when the storms of life hit, we can stand like a rock instead of in a place of exhaustion and fear. Our spirits can become so rooted, grounded, and established in the Word that we can repel doubt, fear, worry, offense, and pressure.

Do not give in to the fear of the enemy, the fear that things are never going to change, the fear that things are going to stay the same, the fear that the Word doesn’t work—it’s all a deception. We must stay fixed and focused to remember that God is working behind the scenes. We can be empowered from a personal relationship with Him that has been reimagined, reinterpreted, and rethought with a new set of eyes. When we spend time with Him, we empower ourselves through that union; we’ll begin to see the outward manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit and will be moved to exercise the gifts of the Spirit. No more religiosity, no weird stuff, just simply your union with the Lord that bears visible fruit in your life. Our reimagined relationship with Him makes marks in the lives of others; they become blessed if they can see God in us and not see something weird or strange. When we brighten up, cheer up, and get excited about our relationship with God, He gets even more excited about us! Yes, it is a two-sided relationship! Our engaged relationship with Him turns every circumstance around and takes us to new places, all because we took a chance to have a relationship reimagined.

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