Overcoming Uncertainty

We have everything we need within us to win in this life. That includes the confidence to step out in faith even when the future looks uncertain. Do you truly believe that? Once we believe that, the next question is whether we will utilize our courage to get out of our situation and move forward toward our goals.

Often we allow fear and uncertainty to stop us. It could be the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, the “what ifs,” or other insecurities or inadequacies that paralyze us and keep us stuck right where we are. I want to let you know that fear is a trick that prevents you from moving forward. When fear knocks on your door, it will try to talk you out of blessings by asking questions such as, “Why is this important?” or “Why are you doing that?” Though we might not be certain of what will happen, this is when we must step out in faith, grab our confidence, and move forward.

Yes, there are risks associated with stepping out. There is a level of uncertainty that comes when we begin to move, but I want to encourage you today to make the decision to rise up. Once you make a quality decision to do so, it creates a space for God to work on your behalf. We must remind ourselves that our relationship with God assures us that He has us covered. We have to build our identity and our foundation upon His Word.

I get it. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but consider this: what do you truly have to lose if you choose to move towards your goal? Either you’ll be successful or you’ll learn what doesn’t work and be able to try something different. One thing is certain:  things will not change in your life as long as you sit back, wait, wish, and hope. There comes a point in each of our lives where we have to decide not to settle for everything that’s going on around us and rise up.

You must make up in your mind today that you will move forward. Though it may be uncertain and it might not look pretty right now, that’s all right. Your circumstances will change because of God’s grace that covers you. You will succeed! People said Elvis Presley would never be an entertainer; they said Oprah Winfrey was unfit for TV; they said Steve Jobs was worthless when he was fired from his job; but you know what? None of these people allowed fear, uncertainty, or unbelief to get the best of them. If they did, Elvis would not have sold records, Oprah would have never hosted a talk show, and none of us would have iPhones or Apple computers. They didn’t quit, and neither can you!

Someone is waiting on you to begin that business, write that book, or apply for that job. You need to step out, not just because it will bless you, but because of the lives you’ll touch once you rise up. If that task seems too daunting, start small—write your visions and place them where you can see them daily. Connect with someone doing what you want to do and ask them some questions.

What has kept you from making progress? Whatever it is, make the decision today to rise up and take steps towards your dream. If you are unsure of your end goal, begin to make steps towards what you think you want it to be—even little steps add up over time. Don’t get tricked into paralysis because of uncertainty. Move forward, knowing that God is with you.

Say this with me. Today I make the decision to rise up!

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