Overcoming the Spirit of Racism

God wants us all to be reconciled to Him in order to create a spirit of harmony where many different parts blend as one. For example, several instruments may look and sound diverse as individual components of a band or symphony, yet they can create beautiful, melodic harmonies when played together. That’s how God intended His creation to work together, as harmonic symphonies constructed for His purposes. People can come together, blend our differences, and generate harmony while we contribute our individual parts to complete our collective purposes.

God sees us through His eyes, not according to the color of our skin or other characteristics. As we begin to renew our minds, we can understand that it is the enemy who causes prejudice and racism through the spirit of division. We are Christ’s representatives and should personify Him, not ideals that esteem one person at the expense of another. God’s favor is for EVERYONE!

You don’t have to be male, female, black, white, or Jewish to operate in the favor of God and gain access to His blessings. Jesus died for the redemption of every person regardless of their gender, race, or nationality. He also created an opportunity for all to have a personal relationship with His Father, no longer being considered “foreigners,” no longer being strangers standing outside of the family of God. Now, we can all be a part of God’s family, regardless of class, economic status, or background. Irrespective of your group, irrespective of whether you’re poor or rich, you have equal access to God.

In the old covenant and under the law, those who were privileged were typically Jewish and rich. Those who weren’t able to fit into those classifications could not be beneficiaries of the covenant of God. However, when Jesus bore all of our sins on the cross and fulfilled the law, He changed us all from being foreigners or strangers. Now, all genders, races, and classes of people can be in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

His sacrifice qualified everyone who believes in Him to have equal access, equal opportunities, equal promises, and equal privileges. He redeemed us from the curses of both inferiority and superiority. It is being double-minded to confess Christ publicly, then govern ourselves as racists or deem ourselves superior to others. This behavior demonstrates ignorance and requires a renewing of the mind. Where there is a lack of knowledge, people perish. We must recognize the sin of prejudice and prejudging one another, repent, and ask God for forgiveness. The key here is to acknowledge any bias that we operate in, and to be intentional about repairing any breaches that we’ve established, collectively or as individuals. God gives us the grace that we need to overcome these thought processes and make these changes.

We cannot be one with Christ and discriminate across gender, race, class, or economic status at the same time. We must be informed and enlightened with biblical truths and daily renew our minds. We can’t allow the spirit of frustration to rule and reign in our lives by refusing to accept people. We also can’t allow bitterness to seep into our relationships with other believers. The Holy Spirit is always at work to help us be patient with one another. We’re all one in Christ, and He desires for us to see each other as He sees us. We shouldn’t allow society to determine our faith or to suppress what we believe. Everyone is equal in God’s eyes. All human beings are created in God’s image and loved by Him, despite their personal beliefs about religion, government, or culture.

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