New Season, New Vision: Seeing God More and More

Ladies, do you have a clear vision and direction for your life? Are you walking in your purpose? Are you being all that you can be in this season? We ask ourselves these types of questions every December, and make new goals and resolutions every January to become better wives, mothers, friends, etc., but do we really see the change in our lives that we’re looking for? Perhaps the better question we should ask ourselves is, “What can I do differently this year to get different results in my life?” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different outcome. So, if you really want a different outcome, then you MUST renew your mind and do something different.

We must first choose to make an intentional decision to embrace God’s will and purpose for our lives; then He can develop well-formed maturity in us. When we are mature, we are better equipped to make purposeful decisions in our financial affairs, our health, our households, our personal relationships, and in our relationship with Him. Yes, God is concerned about everything that concerns us! What does “embracing God’s will” look like? We surrender to His will when we take the ordinary aspects of our everyday life (the things we eat, our sleeping habits, work, laundry, homework—our everything), place them before God, and trust Him for guidance. When we do this, He gladly removes any toxicity and blindness from our hearts so that we can hear and see Him clearly in every situation in our lives.

Make this year about clarity, vision, and understanding His will for your life. His grace will enable you to do things that you could not do in the past or that you did not think were possible. The key to clarity is to stay focused, energized, and intentional about what you want to experience, and not allow old habits, patterns, and mindsets to draw you back into distractions. Release your faith so that you can have heaven’s assistance in your life, experience a new season and new vision, and see God more and more. We are in this together!

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