Get Out of the Boat

Many big ideas, visions, and dreams are buried in cemeteries because of inaction and the fear of failure. Sometimes before taking that first step, we must resolve to get out of the comfort zone of doing what we’ve always done, being where we’ve always been, thinking as we’ve always thought, feeling like we’ve always felt. It’s a new day, and it’s time for us to stop playing it safe. Don’t keep the status quo; just get out of the boat and do it unafraid! We get the perfect example of this with Peter when he saw Jesus walking on water and overcoming the storm and waves. When Jesus asked Peter to come, he had to choose: he could either stay in the boat or move out of his comfort zone and get out of the boat. Peter chose to step out of the boat and walked on the water to Jesus.

I remember when my kids were taking swimming lessons. They had to jump into the pool; they couldn’t just stand on the poolside and think they would swim. No, they had to leave the sideline and jump in, moving their arms and legs to swim. The same goes for us. We can’t just sit on the side of the pool. We must get out there and see what God wants us to do. When God speaks into your life, it’s a time to obey. Step out in faith because He’s speaking to you for a purpose, He’s speaking to get you to start stretching yourself, your thinking, your mindset. Go ahead, live life on the edge and experience the advantage that Jesus came for you to have.

When we get out of the boat and start believing God for something big, we’ll start seeing miracles. If we don’t start believing in something big, we’ll never see it. I’m reminded of Lot’s wife, who looked back instead of staying focused on what was in front of her. I’m sure there were things God wanted to do in her life, but she turned into a pillar of salt because she wouldn’t look forward toward something big. If we don’t begin to step out, we’ll limit God’s ability to help us get to the next level. Sometimes you must simply let go of the past to move forward. There may be some business ideas or new visions and strategies that God laid on your heart to do. Maybe you put these things on the back burner, but now’s the time to pick them back up and pray about them. Ask the Lord if this is something you need to do.

We must be willing to take risks and not let nerves get the best of us. If you’re the type of person who wants your whole life planned out and simply refuses to take a risk, you’ll never walk on water as Peter did. If you insist on knowing exactly where you’ll be, what you’ll be doing, and who you’ll be doing it with twenty years from now, you’ll never see God’s best. It takes faith to see the real, supernatural power of God. I think about the World Dome. We didn’t know how it would happen, but God allowed us to build it with no loan or financial backing. It’s completely paid for. The building that we currently use to minister to people around the world is a manifestation of faith in the miraculous works of God, of faith in His Word. Once we recognize where we truly are in our faith, we can understand that we limit God by not having a vision, fearing the unknown, or thinking small. We walk by faith, so let’s get out of the boat and do it unafraid!

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