Gender Roles, A Grace-based Perspective – 3



God created both men and women. He made us after His likeness. Out of all the creatures in the garden, Adam and Eve were the only ones God could commune with. He wanted to have an intimate relationship with them. An intimate relationship is one in which there are no secrets and hidden agendas. There is no fear in the God-kind of love.

Likewise, God still wants to have a love relationship with us! Yes, He didn’t change His mind about that. He didn’t create us to be His pets! He wanted someone like Him to fellowship with. The enemy has always wanted to deceive us into thinking we can’t know God intimately. He doesn’t want us to form an authentic relationship with the Father. He also doesn’t want us to understand God’s purpose for our life.

*Taken from Mini-book, “Gender Roles, A Grace-based Perspective”

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