Gender Roles, A Grace-based Perspective – 2



I believe God wants us to decide what works best for our individual households. He has given us the leadership of the Holy Spirit to help guide us through the situations we face today—the upgrades in technology, the media’s heavy influence, and the wicked ways and views of the world. If we fail to listen to His leading, then selfness will crop up and cause division in our families.

If we don’t understand the purpose of these things, abuse is inevitable. For instance, a man has to recognize God’s purpose for his leadership in the family structure as a father and husband, or he will abuse it. Even in male/female relationships in general, men should not abuse their leadership abilities. I’ve seen how many women, for the sake of a relationship, will do wrong just to be with a man. They will disobey God, and even do things that are harmful to their bodies all for the sake of pleasing a man. Yes, He made man first, and wanted him to be a leader, but God didn’t want the man to lead the woman to do wrong.

*Taken from Mini-book, “Gender Roles, A Grace-based Perspective”

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