Fulfilling our Potential



I know there are many books and articles written on the topic of fulfilling our potential, but I want us to really begin to dig deeper and consider our potential as women. I want us to think about the fact that God created us equal to men. He created both men and women in His own image. Yes, we may look together and powerful on the outside, but we need to understand that we have power on the inside, as well. We each have God-given potential inside of us but my question is: are we allowing that potential to lie dormant? Ladies, have we allowed erroneous messages about women to skewer our view of who we really are in God’s eyes, and who we can become by His grace? Let’s just do that—let’s take a moment out of today and ask ourselves are we reaching our God-given potential? I believe we need to begin to ask Him to show us how to do all that He has purposed us to do.

I want to hear from you. In the Comments section, below, share what you believe God wants you to do with that potential inside of you. How can you begin to build upon and express your gifts, talents, and skills?

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