Equally Blessed

Blessings or curses are the natural result of our response to God’s instructions. In the case of Adam and Eve, their disobedience resulted in changes to how men and women relate to one another. Domination came into play and is still at work in the world today—mankind is constantly trying to control and assert superiority over one another, be it based on color, class, gender, or something else. It is commonplace to hear what a woman is or isn’t supposed to do. Thankfully, this belief is changing, but it never was supposed to be this way in the first place.

This is for the ladies. Woman of God, I want to remind you that YOU were made in the image of God! Every time you look in the mirror, you should smile; you are looking at a reflection of God and He blessed you with the same gifts that He gave to man. Yes, our functions may differ, but by working together as God intended, both men and women are necessary and useful for accomplishing God’s plans on the earth.

You are more than a cook, maid, or babymaker! You were fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose. You have a God-given voice and God-given capabilities to carry out His purpose for your life. Don’t let social pressures or your fears hold you back from doing everything you were meant to do. If you run a household, run it to the best of your ability. If you have a mind for business, then be the best businessperson you can be. If your gift is to care for others, then make sure that every time people see you, they smile, knowing you’ll give them the best care possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, singer, or cook; do it well! Everything we do should be done in excellence, no matter how big or small it may seem—it is for God’s glory.

We have talked about God’s blessing for fruitfulness many times, but God gave us another charge: He told us to be fruitful and multiply! Multiplication is more than adding one or two at a time; it’s rapid growth. It is an exponential addition to something. We see this example in nature all the time: one seed blooms into many flowers; one kernel of corn produces many ears of corn with thousands of new kernels. In essence, one seed can create a limitless supply of a thing.

So I ask you: how are you multiplying what God has given you charge over? If you’re unsure, take some quiet time to ask Him for the strategy you need. Your gift is equal to any man’s and God has equipped you accordingly. We know that God freely gives us the wisdom we need, and He’s already given us what we need to be successful in this life. Take a minute to list things that you’re good at, that you love to do, and that bring you joy. These are just some of the gifts that God has given to you. Be thankful and ask Him to help you multiply what you have.

You don’t come behind in any gifting. You have been blessed beyond measure, and no one can stop the blessing and favor of God on your life unless you let them. Being a woman does not leave you relegated to second place. Jesus came and called you equal. So today, receive the blessings of God on your life and fulfill your duties to both be fruitful and multiply. Always remember that you are equally blessed!

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