Dissecting Biblical Equality



It is critical that we dissect biblical equality correctly. We must not find our identity in this message of equality, but use it as a tool to allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to continue to follow God’s will for our lives. We are now empowered to assess our culture’s philosophy on women’s place in society differently. We are open to layering places of oppression such as the way in which race, class, and gender can intersect and keep women in bondage, whether they are wealthy and white, or poor and black.

Pause. Let me explain my last statement. Without consciously being aware of it, lots of us put everyone into categories based on the labels I mentioned above. We look at people and measure them based on how good or bad we perceive them to have it in their life. We consistently size up everything around us in our flesh, but once you grasp the power of this revelation, you will be charged to condition your mind to operate in the spirit. In fact, this revelation will empower you to go deeper than you’ve ever been!

God is looking for the opportunity to heal every woman who has been labeled based on her outer beauty, economic status, level of education, or marital status. We must all come equally to His feet and understand that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to experience wholeness in every single area of our lives! Please, do not settle for motivation to gain the material depiction of the “dream life” that is constantly advertised. Be empowered by the Holy Spirit so much that all you want and desire is to continue what Jesus started. I am empowered to work for Him because of all He has done for me. I see myself in Him, and biblical equality helps me see my place more clearly. Be honest with yourself. Where are you?

Wait! Guess what? It doesn’t even matter where you are because God has already seen you in your place of perfection. In fact, every time He looks at us, that is exactly what He sees. Perfection. So let’s begin to grow!

If you haven’t already found a few sisters to begin to grow with, do so! I’ve written a Gender Roles book and Study Companion to help you see what God has been showing me. Please dig in and write to me! I’d love to hear about all the amazing things God is doing through you as you grow in your understanding of this revelation.

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