Declutter Your Life: Making Room for What Matters

Women of God, it is time to let go of all the trouble you carry. You are not baggage claim! Oftentimes, we hold on to past expectations, past hurt, or past mindsets because we desire something that is no longer available to us. This is harmful, even if you believe you’re an expert at concealing your emotional baggage. Refusing to make room for what matters so as to declutter your life prevents the miraculous from occurring.

Letting Go of Normal

When you go on a vacation, you cannot bring every pair of shoes you own! In fact, some of you need to re-evaluate those sandals you wear every time you go out for brunch. They are falling apart; they are out of style. In the same way, we will tie our own selves down because we don’t want to let go of the familiar. Just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s for you. Maybe it was for the old you, but if you try to fit into the same jeans you bought years ago, you will face difficulty.

I remember many of us communicating this during the pandemic: “I want life to go back to normal.” Let go of this idea, as this prevents the bright possibility of the future. For example, many received the opportunity to work from home, which allowed them to become closer to their children. What seemed impractical or annoying turned out to be a turning point. Believe that you can experience something beyond what you’ve known or previously expected. Be flexible!

You might have studied to achieve an entry-level position in hopes of obtaining a six-figure job, but guess what? Your dedication to fulfilling the shoes of this entry-level job could prevent you from opening your own company. Maybe in college you were told that you weren’t fit to make it in the corporate world. Perhaps a family member discouraged you from making that big move, saying you couldn’t survive in a new environment. An old friend might have made a comment that you weren’t fit for marriage. I am here to tell you to throw all of that away. You are a minimalist—you don’t have room for things, people, or words you don’t need. You only have room for potential!

Embrace Discomfort

Yes, ladies, it’s true: it’s uncomfortable when you realize something needs to change. But this is a discomfort that is blessed. This discomfort holds promises that the past could never fulfill. You are more than past expectations and past dreams. Allow yourself to consider new destinations regardless of the obstacles you will face.

Since others don’t expect us to change, when we start to reframe our mindsets and aim for more, there will be resistance. Your children might not appreciate that they must wake up earlier so you can walk the track and prioritize uplifting your self-image. Your friends could be offended that you decide to stay in to work on the novel you have been ignoring. Your husband may not appreciate that you want to throw away some of the furniture sitting in the garage. However, this discomfort is not a sign that you shouldn’t persevere.

In fact, such obstacles are often indicators that you are making the right decision. After all, many find it tedious to plan a vacation and others dislike waiting in that line to board the plane. However, without those steps, we would not be able to land on that island for a five-day vacation.

Live Simply

A trend that has been embraced by many people is minimalism. This is often interpreted as the refusal to accumulate material things. I challenge you today to adopt this mindset as well. You don’t have room to remember every painful thing. You no longer have room for other people’s expectations. Drop the baggage off today and travel lightly!

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