Building with the Right Tools

When God calls us to build something, we can be assured that He has already equipped us with the right tools to get the job done. He has freely given all of us a toolkit full of promises that we can count on for anything we face. We are equipped with God’s promises of healing, provision, success, and peace; we must activate them by doing our part, as Noah did, to build the “arks” that He’s assigned to each of us. Noah committed to getting all of the materials instructed in God’s blueprint and assembled them in faith, without procrastination or concern about being called crazy. Sometimes, we just have to step out on unwavering faith and not allow other people to push us towards self-doubt. I vividly remember the Spirit of the Lord told me once, “If you would be more conscious of Me, you would be less self-conscious.” Our focus on God gives us the confidence to lay aside every unnecessary weight and sin while we are building what He told us to build.

The Greek definition of “weight” means “a burden or something heavy.” We can easily take on weight from the opinion of others or the world’s way of doing things. These weights can wear us down and prevent us from reaching the finish line because they can drain us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Runners that train professionally for marathons understand the need to rid themselves of excess weight. They’re at their best when they maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen that builds the stamina needed to reach the finish line. What kind of diet do you have to feed off the Word of God? Are you exercising your faith? Are you making the Word priority in your life so you can run your race and reach the finish line?

Healthy spiritual “diet” and “exercise” are tools that can help you build on God’s promises for your life. We can strengthen our faith muscles by freeing ourselves from people and their opinions. God’s approval is enough. To build your family, your marriage, or your business on the promises of God, you’ve got to ignore the hecklers. Jesus ignored the mockers in His life and, as a result, is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God. That’s the type of favor we want to walk in! I’ve had to make some “against popular opinion,” hard decisions when working with creative artists and producers. They’ve had many grandiose ideas that I just simply didn’t have peace about; I had to allow God’s Word to give me peace concerning my business decisions. God always shows me next steps when I “feed” myself the word and “exercise” my faith. He shows me who I can work with and helps vet the ideas that will give Him glory and build something great for His purposes—not other people.

What ways have you let the fear of rejection or the approval of people paralyze you from doing what God told you to do? As parents, we make decisions concerning our children that they may not like or understand, but you know what? We generally make those necessary decisions anyway because, innately, we know that God is leading AND His approval is enough. We should apply this principle to every area of our lives and make decisions building on His promises with the right tools—feeding from the Word and exercising faith. We should follow God’s plan. The right way with the right tools is much more essential to building success than any popularity contest will ever be.

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