Be Flexible

Occasionally, we must pivot and approach our journey differently than we have in the past. We have to approach it as if we’ve never seen it before, with a fresh set of eyes and rethinking some of the things that we learned previously. We can pass the things that we experience to the next generation and prevent them from walking in the dark or having to make these same kinds of pivots. With us, the light can come on and the path will be clearer and brighter for others to follow because we understand. Because we know better, we can do better. But if we don’t know anything, we’ll continue to experience the same thing. So, let’s make it a quest of ours to find, follow, and fulfill the purpose for our lives.

You’ve been created for a purpose that you need to discover. Why live your whole life and never know what it is? When we know our purpose, we can successfully navigate every season of our lives. We must make a quality decision. Just because you desire something doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen. People want change—skinny people want to be fat, fat people want to be skinny, poor people want to be rich. People want all kinds of changes to take place, but we must be decisive. The first method for changing is to make a decision and be very decisive about what you want. It’s easy to play pretentious games about life goals and go with the prevailing mindset, but do we say what we really want? Do we mean what we say?

In order for you to walk in your purpose, you must understand that it’s going to take changing your mind, renewing your mind about doing what’s necessary to fulfill that purpose rather than doing your own thing. Static, confusion, and chaos can get you off track, but stay the course. Don’t see walking out your purpose as a loss, but as a gain and an advantage for both you and your family. Look at it as the best thing you could do.

Keep in mind that you won’t accidentally walk in your purpose. God intends for you to experience the satisfaction of a well-lived life. When you understand your purpose and make walking in it our primary focus, that’s a life well-lived. When you change your perspective and see what you can gain by experiencing different seasons in your life, your worldview is expanded. It makes you better and causes you to develop in areas that other seasons wouldn’t have developed.

The word “adaptability” means the ability to change so as to fit a new specific use or situation. You have that ability on the inside of you! You can change; you can take an alternate course; you can replace the old with the new; change is very possible, but you know what? We have to desire it and we have to do what is necessary. Being adaptable often requires living above circumstances and conditions and above the world system. It also requires humility. Sometimes you have to put down your own will, your own plan, your own appetites and desires, and leave behind what you’d envisioned to adapt to the path that your purpose has you on. The other side of your purpose is that so many times we think it’ll be a walk in the park. No, there’s a sacrifice, but with sacrifice there’s always a great reward.

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