As for me and my house



When I speak to believing friends and other moms, one of the greatest areas of concern, across the board, is the salvation of their families. We could have all the wealth we could ever dream of, we could have health, we could have a vibrant church family, but if the eternal destination of those we hold most dear is not secure, we will battle to have peace.

Did you know that you have been redeemed from an unsaved household? Jesus came so that our earthly relationships would be restored.

Acts 16 gives the incredible account of Paul and Silas’ time in prison. Despite having being stripped and flogged, these two are praying and praising the Lord in the middle of the night. The prison doors are miraculously opened and the prisoners’ chains came loose. The jailer, realizing he’d be in big trouble if they all escaped, asked them what he should do to be saved. They replied. “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved – you and your household”. And that is precisely what happened.

God is called Father. He is all about relationship. He created us for the express purpose of having relationship with Him and He cares about our relationships with others.

We have been redeemed from defeat. We need to stop believing the lies of the enemy; lies like “they’re going to hell”, “they’re beyond redemption”.

By your own free will you chose to come into relationship with Jesus and your job is to pray that your loved ones will as well.

There was a time where we were working so hard to be the perfect Christian parents. It was exhausting. We were so fearful of failing. But then God said, “Trust Me! Stop putting the confidence in yourself and trust Me!” What a freeing word from God. God loves our loved ones even more than we do. He created them! Isn’t it a relief to know that He’s the one who does the saving and not us?

I want to encourage you today to give your loved ones up to Him and His keeping. He has a way of getting their attention. You keep praying laborers into their path and standing on the promises of God for your household.

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