Affirmations and Equality



Many believers may not understand why it is important for women to be empowered. Some think, “Okay, we get it. Women are equal to men spiritually. Can we move on now?” Well, my answer is no. We cannot just move on! When we look at race, class, and age, it is clear that there is a need for social justice movements. In fact, women have politely put the agenda of these movements ahead of the issues that arise when gender intersects with race, class, and age. We can’t stop the conversation once everyone hears the truth; believers must live out this truth until the oppression within the culture of the church exists no more. Just think about it. If you are the first woman to be allowed to preach at a traditional church in the middle of the country, you need to have a source of affirmative words that are specific to your circumstance. Yes, we have the Word of God—and we also have the power to articulate affirmations that line up with the Word of God. That’s the beautiful thing about the power of the tongue. We can use it to create life!

This same lady may be nervous and subconsciously battling the tradition of her church. She needs to hear a message that supports what God is telling her in her spirit. She needs to know that God can use her greatly to supernaturally transform the minds of all those who are oppressed by these completely inaccurate beliefs. She needs to be affirmed by words that will destroy the works of the enemy as well as the mindsets of doubt, fear, and insecurity that have been holding the people in her church captive. In fact, this lady may be the prophetic voice to bring the people of God into a season of prosperity. But, what if there was no biblical equality message available to affirm her in her gift and calling? What if women of God were told to share this message with women, only, and leave men out of it? Doesn’t the Word of God say that iron sharpens iron?

Do you see the problem here? If there isn’t a community for her to be empowered, there is some demonic influence preventing it from existing. Yes, the enemy uses the egos of men and women to hinder the birthing of this message. We must all submit to God’s Word and move forward with even the most radical of revelations. It’s not about us. So, I won’t stop! I won’t silence my voice until every woman feels free to be everything that God has told her that she is. I will continue to teach and create materials to affirm your identity.

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