A Circle of Protection

Ladies, how often are you protective of your loved ones? Maybe it’s your spouse, your parents, or the kiddos that you would sacrifice yourself to protect. Well, guess what? God feels the same way about YOU! As a matter of fact, the day you said “yes” to Jesus and became born again, you were given a benefits package that includes answered prayers, healing, and deliverance; it also includes a circle of protection.

A circle covers all sides, and that’s how God’s protection is for us—whole and complete with nothing missing or broken. Think of Job. When things were happening against his children, against his family, there was still a hedge of protection around him, just as there is a circle of protection that is around you today. It surrounds us even while we pray.

It’s impossible for us to secure our own lives in the same way that God does. There are not enough guns, locks, or bows and arrows for that. What we can do, however, is rely on the angelic protection of Almighty God; that is the absolute best way to live in dangerous times. Just as Daniel was in the fiery furnace but came out without even the smell of smoke on him, we can come out of this pandemic without the smell of smoke on us, either. You know why? Because God sends His angels to secure and protect our lives daily.

God wants us to understand that angels are part of His plan of protection for us; however we must not release worry and doubt into the atmosphere by speaking fear. The words that come out of our mouths and hearts begin to draw and attract into our lives the things we fear the most. When we say things like, “I’m so sick,” “I’m afraid,” or “I’m dying right now, right now,” we begin to release words of fear that activate the law of sin and death. However, when we release words of faith, we also release belief and trust in God. Our faith and trust in Him activates His angels to assist us—they are always ready! The angels respond to the Word, so when our hearts are full of faith and the words that we speak are in alignment, they put that Word into action to protect us.

The safest place for us to be is in the will of God, so we must cultivate a lifestyle of listening to and obeying Him. I encourage you today, don’t neglect the circle of protection around your life. Have faith and speak words of life over your circumstances to allow Him to secure your life. Just like a loving parent, God wants to be involved. He wants to intervene in your everyday affairs by providing you with a circle of protection, so that you can fulfill the awesome plans He has already set for your life!

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