Who’s the Boss?



Woman’s destiny at creation continued to be her destiny after the fall. God did not change his mind about the goodness that he wanted mankind to experience. Notice, that although the enemy has tried to destroy women throughout the ages, God still used a woman to bring Jesus into the world. Women are not doomed forever to carry the responsibility for sin. Jesus reversed that curse. Jesus brought us redemption.

Despite the presence of sin, God’s plan for gender relationships is still the same. His purpose for men and women has not changed. He created us in equality and that’s how he expects us to operate. People have taken things in the book of Genesis out of context. The fact that God created Adam before he created Eve does not indicate that males should be dominant over females, nor does the fact that Adam named Eve. Nothing in the Bible indicates that either the “namer” or the one who existed first has special authority.

Keep in mind that God is a spirit, not a male. A spirit has no gender. God is too immense for us to comprehend him with our natural minds, and we certainly cannot limit him to earthly designations. “Man” and “woman” are labels that apply to earthly beings. God is not an earthly being. “God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind…” (Numbers 23:19, NLT).
‑Taken from Chapter 3 of Gender Roles

God hasn’t changed his mind about the equality he created between women and men. That’s his plan and that’s the highest state of being for us on this earth today. Let me know how equality between genders has benefitted your life and the lives of those around you. Just leave a comment below.

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