Pre-Conference Talk!


That is the true theme of this conference. For those involved, the conversations we’ll have and the speakers they’ll see are unfiltered personally and professionally.

What’s Impacting Me Now?

Right now, we’re doing a lot of amazing things with Prestige, our volunteer organization that supports and helps women transition from a life on the street or out of the clubs. I went on Friday to our outreach and was encouraged by some of the volunteers.

Some of the ladies were coming to them and telling her that they were being trafficked against their will and had come to us for advice for how we can work together. We can talk about how we can make a safe space to work together and make a safe space to be able to talk about what is happening to them.

These women’s stories are what is affecting me right now. Their lives and how we can help them. I’m seeing why it’s so important to support women and start tough, but important conversations.

Why This Conference Is Different

This conference is really an opportunity to talk and get down to the nitty gritty of what’s going on. You must have a need to change. In the hurriedness of life, we don’t often self-reflect. So when you do that,you can look at areas of your life. Maybe I’m not seeing the result that I want and why is that?

Look at it from a very matter-of-fact and direct approach. Don’t believe that things can’t change or can’t get better. You don’t have to settle. You can be honest with where you are in life and be honest about the goals and aspirations you have. Be present instead of just constantly just paying attention to the future.

You might like to say, “Oh this will change,” or “It’s not that bad,” but you really have to look at how it’s going to change if you’re not willing to do something different.

Why Conferences Like This Are Important?

We have to pay attention to our belief system too. Maybe our upbringing or our expectations have a lot to do with how we see and approach situations in our life, for example, in marriage, the expectations of what a husband should do, what a wife should do or what to expect from your partner. Some of these things are unspoken, so you have a filter or lens over your mind, recognizing that you need to let it go.

Is it blocking you and trying to make you fit a mold?

Or are you really trying to be true to who you are as a person?

Discovering the authentic and real you and what that looks like is one of the aims of the conference. It is a chance to explore and make a game plan, a chance to shine a light on issues and a chance to look forward so that you won’t feel as if you’re going in circles in your everyday life and that you have a chance to move forward.

All this is so that you can be in relationships that are healthy and productive. To recognize relationships that keep you going in circles and that limit you or contain you.

Some of the conversations are about living/working on an equal playing field, equality in personal relationships and what that looks like, such as how men were taught that they can’t show emotions.

We have to be okay with things not being all buttoned up with a bow on them. We put so much pressure on everything, just being “figured out.” We can figure it out, maybe not today, but over time!

Take a step living in your truth. We can get there. Maybe we need to take a look at who’s in our circle. That really determines if we can move forward in a healthy way. We can’t bring people in our lives who build facades about ourselves.

We are very excited about this conference. Hopefully, we can all start leading lives that are Unfiltered.

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