It’s a New Day

Everything that has a beginning must have an end. We have to put an end to some things so that God can begin to do some new things in our lives; it’s a new day! There are so many times we hold on to the past, but you know what? Living in the past prevents us from experiencing what God wants us to do today. Yes, it’s a new day, a new beginning, and time for a fresh start! The day that Jesus was raised from the dead was the new beginning of a new covenant, a better covenant. God’s promises that Jesus prophesied about were ratified and went into effect. The law was over, finished, and had come to an end. Jesus made it clear that the day we accept Him into our lives, He takes us as His beloved. We should become confident and rely on His love. His amazing grace deals with shame and doesn’t hold mistakes of the past over our heads. When we get a revelation that it’s a new day, we will see that we can no longer live bound by the old.

We can experience a new beginning, just like the man at the pool of Bethesda. He was “born into the circumstance” of infirmity and had been in that position for 38 years. After many excuses, year after year, he finally met Jesus, who basically said, “Put the past behind you. Do you want to be well? Do you want to be whole?” I am challenging you to answer similar questions about yourself today. Do you want a new day in your life? Do you want your circumstances to turn around? Do you want to be well? To be delivered? To be whole? Do you want to be set free from the past? Well, guess what? Every situation in your life is subject to change if you are willing to let go of the old. Those issues and circumstances that you’re dealing with are short-lived and temporal. Look unto God; when you do, He will send assistance because it’s a new day!

I pray that you’re encouraged to step out and take hold of this very moment, this present time, this new thing that God wants to do in your life today. It requires you to make a quality decision for yourself. No one can make that decision for you. You have to make up in your mind that you want to let go of the past. You have to let go of negative experiences that you’ve encountered. You must stop holding yourself hostage and allow yourself to walk in freedom. Many times, we hold people hostage to the mistakes of their past, what they did, and how they made us feel. Thank God that He’s not like that. He lets it go. He doesn’t remember it and doesn’t bring it up. He’s committed to loving us and, as a result, we can experience “the new” each and every day.

Make up in your mind today to let go of the people, places, and things of the past and choose victory for yourself. Sure, some of the things you experienced were hurtful and weren’t fair, but you can decide right now that you will no longer allow situations and circumstances to keep you in bondage. Realize in your heart today that the old has passed away. It’s a new day!

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