Gender Roles, A Grace-based Perspective – 1



We can clearly see that the roles of men and women in American households have changed over time. Women are now doing many of the jobs and holding positions in society that men used to dominate, while men are in roles that were once only designated to women. For example, a woman may work outside of the home, while her husband is at home caring for the children. Additionally, many women are earning much higher salaries than their husband and are considered the breadwinner of the family. Many women are running their own businesses and are in leadership roles in their communities. Does it mean these women are outside of God’s will for their lives? No. There is nothing wrong with married couples working together as partners to accomplish a mutual goal.

I believe when it comes to marriage, that we should not get away from God’s original intent, which is partnership. Many times, we get into strife and division because we value other people’s opinions and society’s norms more than God’s purposes and plans.

*Taken from Mini-book, “Gender Roles, A Grace-based Perspective”

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