Experience Victory All the Time

People everywhere face battles related to their health, finances, and relationships, but it’s important to know that we can experience victory all the time. God’s plan for our lives does not include living in fear some days and living in faith other days; not being in health some days and being in sickness other days; not worrying sometimes and confident at other times. It’s about the continuity. Here is a fact: battles are real. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that the issue is a part of God’s plan and that the tests and trials are momentary, not something to be magnified and made into mountains. Hard times have a way of getting our attention, but we can begin to enter into God’s way and experience victory in the midst of real battles. The tests, the trials, the tribulations we face are all real; we don’t have to pretend that they don’t exist—we can walk in victory!

I meet Christians all of the time who want to call away things that are staring them in the face. For example, I once ran into a dear sister from church in a whose arm was in a cast. I said, “Hey, you broke your arm?” She said, “Oh, no, the doctor is just trying to tell me that my arm is broken.” I said, “Isn’t that a cast on your arm?” Instead of calling in healing, she was trying to call away what had already taken place, as if the broken arm didn’t exist. It’s vital for us to recognize real pain or symptoms, and then to understand how to appropriate the Word of God and call in healing. We don’t have to deny the facts and say, “This isn’t a cast. This isn’t broken.” No, instead we can declare, “My arm is healed in the name of Jesus. I am the healed protecting my health!”

Battles are real to life. I want you to understand that these situations taking place in the world today are designed to cause people to quit, to cave in, to throw in the towel and feel like a failure, to get into a place of hopelessness, but you know what? The Lord delivers us out of them all! He is a Deliverer and He will deliver you out of fear. He will deliver you out of lack. He’ll deliver you out of sickness. I have seen His mighty hand deliver in the midst of the most unlikely situations. You know why? Because He specializes in the impossible!

Tests and trials reveal a lot about what’s on the inside of us and help us recollect the principals we’ve studied in the Word. The Word and the promises of God that have been deposited in us will be revealed during times of challenge. They will cause us to demonstrate peace in the midst of chaos and have the confidence of God’s love for us no matter what we are going through. Regardless of what’s going on in the world today, God always causes us to triumph in Christ. Victory in every battle is guaranteed if we don’t cave in or quit. We will be immovable, excelling and superior in the work of the Lord because we know that our labor is not in vain. Dear brother or sister, if you don’t know Jesus today as your Lord and personal Savior, I certainly pray that you’ll get a personal relationship with Him. This is the critical piece to experiencing victory ALL of the time!

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