Building with the Right Tools Part 2

The story of Noah is a great reminder that God has equipped us with the right tools to get the job done. He has freely given all of us a toolkit full of promises that we can count on for anything we face, including healing, provision, success, and peace. But we must activate them by doing our part—as Noah did—to build “arks” that He has assigned to each of us. If you’re going to build something, you need the right tools. You can’t get a beautiful house built without the right hammer and nails. You can’t get a gorgeous car built without the right tires and engine. And you can’t build a life worth living without the right foundation.

That’s where God’s plan comes in. It’s His wisdom, His love, and His guidance. It’s His power that gives us confidence and peace. He shows us how to live by His example and gives us answers when we ask for them. So if you want to build something great in your life, with your family or at work—something that will last through all sorts of weather—you have to start with God’s plan as your foundation.

But what if you’re not sure what your “ark” is? What if you’re not sure how to “build” it? Or what if other people are telling you that what you’re building is crazy? Well then, I have some good news: God has equipped us with everything we need to build whatever He wants us to! And He’s not just going to give it to us—we have to be willing to do whatever it takes for Him to use us and bless others through us.

If you’ve ever seen a marathon runner, you know that they are in phenomenal shape. They have to be, right? But what if I told you there’s another kind of runner out there—one who doesn’t have to do a single push-up or squat to get the same results? I’m talking about the spiritual runner. These runners can reach their finish lines through the power of faith and devotion to the Lord. They don’t lose themselves in worldly distractions because they’re focused on what matters most: reaching their goals, completing their race, and getting closer to heaven.

Building with the right tools is essential for success. When it comes to building your family, your marriage, or your business on the promises of God, you’ve got to ignore the hecklers. I’m not talking about people who are just being mean—I’m talking about those whose opinion matters to you. Maybe it’s someone who thinks your marriage is on the rocks, or maybe it’s a friend who thinks your business isn’t going anywhere. We can strengthen our faith muscles by freeing ourselves from people and their opinions. God’s approval is enough, so when it comes time to make decisions about your family life or business practices, you’ve got to ignore the hecklers—and trust that God will show you what He wants you to do next!

And when He shows you, feed yourself with His Word and exercise your faith! In those moments, He shows you who you can work with and helps vet the ideas that will give Him glory and build something great for His purposes—not other people’s agendas. Fear and approval. We seem to be obsessed with these two things as a culture. We want to be liked and we want people to approve of our actions. But what if it’s not always possible? What if there are things that are just plain wrong, and you know it? What if, despite knowing this, you follow God’s plan anyway because you know He has your back?

I’m not saying that following God’s plan is easy. It isn’t—but it’s worth it! We have the right tools (the Bible), the right way (faith), and the right person (God) who supports us in our pursuit of His will for our lives.

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