What’s Going On in Your Inside World?

What if I told you that your inside world matters if you want to live your best life? Did you know that you can deal with just about anything when you are your authentic self, living from the inside out? External conditions mirror internal conditions because life is a mirror; its reflection shines your image back to you. I am who I am because of my inside world. I challenge you today to consider what’s going on in your inside world—it will give you a glimpse of what people see on the outside. It will also give insight into why you perceive things the way that you do.

We put a lot of emphasis on our outside world. We put on makeup, lashes, and shapewear to get the outside world right, but you know what? Externalities mean absolutely nothing if you aren’t equally put together on the inside. I’m not saying to focus only on the inside and let your outside look a hot mess. We have to balance ourselves: focus on both the inside and outside. You can be at peace and rest when your inside world is right. Inner peace and rest will show up in both your demeanor and circumstances, and you will easily see the exceptional blessings on your life simply because your inside world is together. However, when your inside world is not right, you feel strife, tension, stress, anger, bitterness, jealousy, envy, and the list goes on and on. These things will begin to show up in your health, actions, and circumstances.   

Think of a time you’ve been hurt. Do you still carry unforgiveness inside towards someone because of that incident? Can you handle letting go of hurt and choosing to forgive? Unforgiveness in your inside world jumbles up your ability to hear from God. What you hear can get filtered through the lens of hurt, disappointment, and bitterness, affecting your perception of the outside world and impacting your ability to see what God is doing. It can cause you to question His plan for your life. Your intentions and identity aren’t just your reactions to the outer world; they’re indications of how you want to live.

How do we get our inside world together? It’s more than our emotions, and it’s more than our feelings. It involves our thinking process and our will. That’s why we have to recognize our motives, needs, and desires to get our inside worlds right. You are not merely a product of your past experiences or the environment you were raised in. You have the ability to take charge of your life and create the reality you desire. The world offers many solutions, but spending time in the presence of God will produce a high level of soundness and clarity. In His presence, we can surrender our brokenness and become whole. We can let go of our pasts and the things that have kept us in bondage. God loves you and is concerned about your inside world. Seek Him when your heart is troubled so that He can calm your spirit on the inside and show up in your circumstances on the outside. He is what should be going inside your world.

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