Supernatural Progress

There is a natural progress in the physical realm after we’re born. We matriculate and progress through different seasons and stages of our lives. We mature, our bodies age, and we undergo a process of change. I believe that God’s desire is for us to have a vision of increase, progress, and expansion. However, the enemy is a thief whose plan is to steal, kill, and destroy the progress in our lives. The enemy came into the garden of Eden to stop Adam and Eve from progressing in the things of God. We have to be conscious that the enemy is trying to do everything that he can to stop us from progressing, as well.

A supernatural progression occurs as we grow in abundance. The abundant life is not ordinary, everyday living; it is a supernatural life that develops when we come into a relationship with God. There are two things I want you to understand about the abundant life: it is superabundant in quantity and superior in quality. The supernatural life is far better, far more advantageous than living in this natural realm and living according to the world’s way of earthly living. God has the same standard operating plan in our lives that He had for Adam and Eve. God had spoken over their lives, blessed them, and given them an assignment. As they planted and sowed, they would be fruitful and multiply. The same is true for us.

The enemy wants to divert us away from God’s plan so that we bypass experiencing the supernatural life. The enemy also wants to disgrace us and cause us to suffer from shame. He ultimately wants us to experience unfruitful labor and unrealized dreams. That’s what happened with Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit of the tree. After being diverted by the enemy, their lives were no longer fruitful. God doesn’t want our attention diverted from what His Word says. If you keep your attention on God, He will take care of everything else.

Supernatural progression is unexplainable by natural law. It is only a result of God’s presence in your life. Supernatural progression occurs when the God inside you begins to do things so astronomical that you can only give Him credit. His work defies and supersedes natural law. God’s supernatural ability can be applied in all areas of your life. It could be in areas of your business, career, ministry, relationships, health, finances, or emotions, to name a few. For any circumstance that you’re dealing with, God can bring His plans to pass at a much faster rate than any natural plans. All things are possible with God! You have a choice to get with God’s way of doing things. Get on the exceedingly abundant side that is advantageous, superior in quality, and superabundant in quantity. What is impossible with man is supernaturally possible with God. When you understand the will of God for your life, you can have clarity. You’ll no longer be in the dark or in places of ignorance. Through supernatural progression, you can experience unexplainable progress, simply because you choose to be with God.

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