Strength of a Woman



God designed men and women to complement and benefit one another. Eve’s purpose was to be a strength and support for Adam. What would it say about God if the strength and support he gave was weak and ineffectual? It wasn’t. Eve was suitable, adapted, and complementary to Adam. Where he needed strength or support, Eve was there. Eve’s was not a position of weakness; on the contrary, hers was one of strength.

The same word used to describe woman‑ezer‑is used to describe God in the Psalms. Ezer does not mean subordinate or under the authority of. No one would refer to God as weak or subordinate, because he’s neither. He proves that the act of being strong where someone else is weak is vital, not beneath us.

God provided Adam and Eve with everything they could ever need or want. When he blessed them, God was the center of their lives. He was their source for everything, and Adam and Eve were co-leaders over the earth and its inhabitants. They were in mutual partnership and had equal authority. They did not dominate each other. Rather, they had an equal responsibility to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it, and dominate over all living things.
‑Taken from Chapter 3 of Gender Roles

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