Taffi Dollar Calls for God-Ordained Balance with a Timely Message of Equality

COLLEGE PARK, GA— As countless women declare “me too” in the wake of allegations of abuse by men in positions of power, a long-time ministry leader is finding a warm reception for her message calling for an end to unequal standing between the sexes.

Taffi Dollar, who has helped her husband, Creflo Dollar, build World Changers Church International (WCCI) into a 30,000-member congregation with fellowship churches around the world, is challenging attitudes that have kept women from realizing their full potential for too long.

Following two successful 2017 conferences that addressed Bible-based gender equality and the well-received book, Gender Roles, which was just released in a Spanish edition, Dollar has announced plans to continue championing the topic in 2018 with another conference and book.

Let Them Have Dominion, the follow-up to Gender Roles, will be released during the 2018 Radical Revolution Women’s Conference, which will take place March 15th – 17th, at the World Dome in College Park, GA. Women from around the world are expected to attend the three-day event, which will also feature Christians for Biblical Equality International (CBE) president, Dr. Mimi Haddad, well-known author and speaker, Lisa Bevere, and businesswoman, author, and media personality, Sarah Jakes Roberts. The featured musical guests will be Tasha Cobbs and Micah Stampley.

Since attending a CBE event in South Africa several years ago, Dollar has focused much of her ministry on “restoring the God-ordained balance and equality in our Christian families, churches, and communities” where women share leadership roles equally with men.

In one section of Gender Roles, the Dollars write jointly about how their understanding of the Bible’s teachings has changed their marriage from one in which it was solely the man’s responsibility to lead and guide the household to a mutual partnership where “we exchange our weaknesses for each other’s strengths.”

“The message has not only resonated with women,” says Christopher Spence, executive director of Taffi Dollar Entities, “We’ve also heard from men all over the world who have said it was liberating for them to realize they do not have to take on all of the responsibilities associated with leadership by themselves.”

While Gender Roles focuses mainly on equality between the genders, Dollar’s next book and the 2018 Radical Revolution Conference will look more broadly at the issue of equality, including issues of race and ethnicity.

Though Dollar’s message was being developed before the recent abuse scandals and race-related flash points gained the world’s attention, it is now “very timely,” Spence remarked. “We believe it’s important to provide a light in the darkness, and share how biblical equality says that we are all equal before God. The fact that we are of different races, ethnicities, and genders should have no bearing on the respect that we are all afforded as children of God.”

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