Portrait of Taffi Dollar

About Taffi Dollar

Taffi Dollar, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, is a world-renowned author, teacher, spiritual leader, and motivational speaker. She is married to Creflo Dollar, and together they pastor World Changers Church International (WCCI) based in College Park, Georgia, World Changers Church-New York, and numerous satellite churches across the country. In addition to ministering from the pulpit, she frequently hosts prayer and Bible study meetings, retreats, workshops, and other events that empower women.

Taffi’s commitment to helping others is evident through her lifestyle of service. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mental Health and Human Services, Taffi has a heart for restoring family relationships and providing inspiration. She founded the non-profit organizations, Radical Women’s Ministry, to promote unity and sisterhood, and Prestige Ministry, an outreach ministry created to reach women involved in the adult entertainment and sex trade industries.

Taffi’s focus on bible-based gender equality has given birth to the Radical Revolution, a movement designed to enlighten women about the strength, power, and equality given to them by God. Her newest book, Gender Roles, encourages people to revisit preconceived notions and outdated values about how men and women are viewed by God and how they are supposed to relate to one another. Regardless of gender, race, color, creed, or economic status, everyone is created equal in the eyes of the Father.

Taffi has a global influence in ministry and music. She serves as the CEO of Arrow Global Entertainment, a cutting-edge entertainment company that consists of Arrow Records, Arrow Soul, Arrow Studio, and Arrow Entertainment. Artists signed to Arrow Global Entertainment include: Creflo Dollar, Dria, Ann Nesby, Kim Burrell, Jeff Sparks, and Shonlock. Under her direction, Arrow Global Entertainment is seeing exponential growth and setting many records in the music industry.