Embracing Authenticity in God’s Design

MARCH 20-21, 2025


Join Taffi Dollar for 2025 women’s conference

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The REAL Women’s Conference is aimed at empowering women to embrace their authentic selves, while challenging inauthentic societal norms.
REAL Women’s Conference is a transformative gathering meticulously crafted to empower women in embracing their authentic selves in a world swiftly influenced by inauthentic ideas that mold our​ societal norms, beliefs, behaviors, and self-perception. These inauthentic ideals manifest as​ misinformation, cultural and biological stereotypes, biased narratives, unrealistic societal expectations,​ political manipulation, and the commodification of relationships. However, God has beckoned us toward a​ design surpassing the limited offerings of this world. He calls each of us individually as a unique being​ with a specific purpose, guiding us toward a lifestyle and self-understanding that can only be attained​ through the Image of Christ and the transformative power of His Word. This conference is a celebration of​ realness, vulnerability, and the profound truth that each woman is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Embracing the Beauty Within

A Journey of Celebration and Discovery

It’s all happening March 20-21, 2025
at World Changers Church International 2500 Burdett Road College Park, GA 30349

Taffi Dollar is a founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI).

She’s a globally-renowned entrepreneur, business and spiritual leader, best-selling author, teacher, and motivational speaker. By blending timeless values, fresh perspectives, and a tireless, hands-on work ethic, Taffi advocates for gender equality, unity, the alleviation of social stigmas, and the overall empowerment of people everywhere. She has long had a heart for restoring family relationships and providing inspiration, as evidenced by her bachelor’s degree in Mental Health and Human Services and master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Taffi is the author of the revolutionary books, Gender Roles and The Grace of Mutual Submission, and has a thriving international community invested in spreading equality throughout the world, boosted by her social media presence and dedicated YouTube channel.



Andrea Crayton

Nicole Crank

Nona Jones

Caroline Leaf



Explore an enriching lineup of empowering sessions, inspiring keynotes, and interactive workshops at the 2025 Radical Women's Conference. Dive into a thoughtfully crafted schedule designed to elevate, motivate, and guide you on your path to personal and spiritual growth.

20 Mar

Day 1

21 Mar

Day 2

*Times of Worship, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon and Evening are subject to change.



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This conference is not just an event; it's a transformative journey, inviting women from all walks of life to shed the shackles of misinformation, cultural stereotypes, biased narratives, and unrealistic expectations that pervade our society.

Every woman is uniquely crafted, with a distinct purpose and path, illuminated by the teachings and love of Christ. This conference is an invitation to step into a realm of authenticity, where the superficial standards of the world are replaced with the profound truth of our individual and collective worth. Here, amidst a community of like-minded souls, women are encouraged to celebrate their realness, embrace vulnerability, and recognize their intrinsic value as individuals fearfully and wonderfully made. Join us in this celebration of true self-discovery, where we unite in our journey toward a life that reflects the genuine essence of who we are, guided by the transformative power of faith and fellowship.

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